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June Member Meeting

June Member will be held via Zoom again. Email for the meeting details if you'd like to join. Thanks!


After the recent release by Governor Abbott, the club has decided our best course of action is to just completely shut down club training for the next 2 weeks.

For full text of the the order:

Although socially distant training would be possible under the new order, given the time in the training cycle and seasonal play, we feel reducing any exposure chances to 0 is a better course of action at this time.

The board will revisit this issue in two weeks to determine the next course of action.  Please, take this time to register for fall.  Also, we will Zoom our next members/board meeting on July 8 for anyone interested in joining, email me for the details next week.

In order to return to play, you will be required to sign a waiver and agree to meet conditions for return. This form can be found directly here:
or downloaded from our forms site:
You must turn this in to the coach at their first session back, no exceptions.

Rainout Hotline

Call 281-342-0404 for information.

Important Dates

Members' Meetings (PGVFD on Pitts Rd)
Wednesday, Mar. 4 - 7 PM PGVFD on Pitts
Wednesday, Apr. 8 - 7 PM PGVFD on Pitts


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Starting June 15 Training Slots

Monday Monday Tuesday Tuesday Wednesday Wednesday Thursday Thursday Friday Friday
6-7:25 7:35-9 6-7:25 7:35-9 6-7:25 7:35-9 6-7:25 7:35-9 6-7:25 7:35-9
S4W Lady United U9-U10B U9-U10G Lady Cosmos
S4E Storm Ruckus Lady Storm Legends Spitfire
L3W Legends Spitfire Storm Ruckus Lady Storm
L3E U9-U10G Lady Cosmos Lady United U9-U10B
TTi Lady Typhoon Lady Typhoon Lady Typhoon Lady Typhoon
RDL Typhoon/Thunder Typhoon/Thunder Typhoon/Thunder Typhoon/Thunder

Club members: The club does a lot of volunteer work on our fields to keep them in the best shape possible. We also have an exclusive lease on the fields from the city, and non-club members are not supposed to be on the fields AT ALL (club members should have a coach present). The public field is behind the football field, and you should point that out to them. If you see non-members on the fields, please ask them to leave especially if it is damp (tears up the field worse) or our players are on the fields (liability concern). It does not matter if they are on another end of the field or using a different part... they are not supposed to be on the fields. Your fees are what pay for fertilizer, seed, water, paints, goals, nets, lighting, etc. Your sweat is what puts things  in place. Please, help us be good stewards of your money by reducing the wear and tear on the fields and costs associated with their upkeep.  Thanks!