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We are hosting a new referee clinic Aug. 17 from 9:30-Noon at our complex. There is an online portion and field portion. To register,
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This is a great way to make a little money on the weekends, stay in shape, and help out your club and association.

RDL begins Sept. 3. for more information.

All other teams should be beginning practices this week, and you should have had contact from a coach or team manager.

Field work days are coming up on Aug. 24 (& 25th if needed). Watch for more information.

Board meeting Aug 7 @ 7pm @ PGVFD on Pitts Rd. Important that each team have a representative there (parent, manager, coach, etc.) to help guide club decisions and be a part of what make the club work. We are in need of people to help step into leadership roles at the club (most of which only take an average of 1-2 hours per week), so please get involved.

If you did not get fitted for a uniform, coaches will be receiving a list in the coming weeks to get us information for your size.

Rainout Hotline

Call 281-342-0404 for information.

Important Dates


Uniform Fitting (PGVFD on Pitts Rd)
SUNDAY, July 28th 3-5 PM

Members' Meetings (PGVFD on Pitts Rd)
Wednesday, August 7th 7 PM PGVFD


Help us raise funds...

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2019 Fall Practice Assignments

Monday Monday Tuesday Tuesday Wednesday Wednesday Thursday Thursday Friday Friday
6-7:30 7:30-9 6-7:30 7:30-9 6-7:30 7:30-9 6-7:30 7:30-9 6-7:30 7:30-9
L1W Spit fire KEEPERS Struckus KEEPERS Lady United
L1E Legends Lady United Lady Lightning Lady Cosmos Spitfire Legends Lady Cosmos
S4W Lady Typhoon U10B Thunder KEEPERS Struckus
S4E Lady Storm U10B Lady Storm Lady Lightning Struckus
L3W Thunder Jaguars U10B Jaguars
L3E Vikings Lady Typhoon Vikings
S1 TTi TTi TTi TTi TTi

Club members: The club does a lot of volunteer work on our fields to keep them in the best shape possible. We also have an exclusive lease on the fields from the city, and non-club members are not supposed to be on the fields AT ALL. The public field is behind the football field, and you should point that out to them. If you see non-members on the fields, please ask them to leave especially if it is damp (tears up the field worse) or our players are on the fields (liability concern). It does not matter if they are on another end of the field or using a different part... they are not supposed to be on the fields. Your fees are what pay for fertilizer, seed, water, paints, goals, nets, lighting, etc. Your sweat is what puts things  in place. Please, help us be good stewards of your money by reducing the wear and tear on the fields and costs associated with their upkeep.  Thanks!