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Rainout Hotline

Call 281-342-0404 for information.

Date Time Age Field Home Team Club Home Team Name Away Team Club Away Team Name Level
2018-10-27 10:00:00 U14 Lost Creek #2 Lamar Storm 05 - DDL ID FC Conroe Tigers 05B Div I.I+
2018-10-27 11:15:00 U09 Bear Creek Park #BC6 Texas United Aguilas Black 10B Lamar Lightning 10 - Open Div IV
2018-10-27 12:00:00 U15 Lost Creek #2 Sugar Land Shockers 05G Lamar Lady United 04 - DDL Div I.I+
2018-10-27 14:00:00 U13 George Park #LML1 Lamar Vikings 06 ID TFC Premier 06B Div III
2018-10-27 14:00:00 U14 Angleton Soccer Complex #11 Angleton SC Pele Lamar Spitfire 05 Div III
2018-10-27 15:30:00 U12 WB St. Philips #WB S3 Westbury Pride 07G Lamar Lady Typhoon 08 Div III
2018-10-28 10:00:00 U17 Community Park #7 Lamar Jaguars 02 Sugar Land Arsenal 02B Div II
2018-10-28 13:00:00 U11 ANSA Macario Garcia #2 ANSA ANSA CRUSH FC 08B RB Lamar Thunder 08 Div III
2018-10-28 16:00:00 U19 El Franco Lee Park SB #11 Lamar Lynx 00- DDL Klein SC Klein Stars Div I
Important Dates


Members' Meetings
Wednesday, September 5th 7-9pm
Wednesday, October 10th 7-9pm
Wednesday, November 7th 7-9pm (Elections)
Wednesday, December 5th 7-9pm (Elections)


LamarSoccerClub LSC LamarSoccerClub
PositiveCoachUS PositiveCoachUS PositiveCoachUS

Field Lining Schedule

Initial 2018-09-08 2018-09-15 2018-09-22 2018-09-29 2018-10-06
L1 Ruckus Storm Vikings Spitfire Lady Cosmos Lady United
S4 ----> Storm Lightning Thunder Lady Typhoon Lightning
RDL ----> Storm Ruckus Cyclones Jaguars Lady Cosmos
2018-10-13 2018-10-20 2018-10-27 2018-11-03 2018-11-10 2018-11-17
L1 Vikings Spitfire Cyclones Jaguars Vikings Lady Cosmos
S4 Thunder Lady Typhoon Lightning Thunder Lady Typhoon Lady United
RDL Lady United Jaguars Spitfire Cyclones

Practice Assignments

Day Monday Monday Tuesday Tuesday Wednesday Wednesday Thursday Thursday
Time 6:00-7:30 7:30-9:00 6:00-7:30 7:30-9:00 6:00-7:30 7:30-9:00 6:00-7:30 7:30-9:00
L1W Lady United Storm Ruckus Storm Ruckus
L1E Spitfire Vikings Lady Cosmos Spitfire Vikings Lady Cosmos
S4W Lady Typhoon Thunder Lady Typhoon Lady United
S4E Thunder Lightning Lightning
L3W Jaguars Jaguars
L3E Cyclones Cyclones

Club members: The club does a lot of volunteer work on our fields to keep them in the best shape possible. We also have an exclusive lease on the fields from the city, and non-club members are not supposed to be on the fields AT ALL. The public field is behind the football field, and you should point that out to them. If you see non-members on the fields, please ask them to leave especially if it is damp (tears up the field worse) or our players are on the fields (liability concern). It does not matter if they are on another end of the field or using a different part... they are not supposed to be on the fields. Your fees are what pay for fertilizer, seed, water, paints, goals, nets, lighting, etc. Your sweat is what puts things  in place. Please, help us be good stewards of your money by reducing the wear and tear on the fields and costs associated with their upkeep.  Thanks!