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Thank you to all who helped get our fields ready for play!

Rainout Hotline

Call 281-342-0404 for information.

Important Dates

Uniform Fittings (U9 and up new players)
Please contact our uniform coordinator Tina Comstive if you need a uniform for Spring 2018!


Members' Meetings
Wednesday, March 7th 7-9pm
Wednesday, April 4th 7-9pm
Wednesday, May 9th 7-9pm
Wednesday, June 6th 7-9pm
Wednesday, July 11th 7-9pm
Wednesday, August 8th 7-9pm
Wednesday, September 5th 7-9pm
Wednesday, October 10th 7-9pm
Wednesday, November 7th 7-9pm
Wednesday, December 5th 7-9pm


LamarSoccerClub LSC LamarSoccerClub
PositiveCoachUS PositiveCoachUS PositiveCoachUS

2018 Spring Field Lining Schedule

Field Lining to be done NO LATER than 8am the Saturday of the game and no earlier than Thursday prior to Game

24-Feb 3-Mar 10-Mar 17-Mar 24-Mar 31-Mar
L1 Lady Lightning Lady United Lady Cosmos Spitfire Lightning Jaguars
S4 Force Legends Vikings Legends Force Vikings
S1 U10 Open Boys Lightning U10 Open Boys Jaguars Lady Lightning U10 Open Boys
RDL Board Ruckus Cyclones
L3 Cyclones Hurricanes Storm
7-Apr 14-Apr 21-Apr 28-Apr 5-May 12-May 19-May
L1 Chivas Lady Lightning Lady United Lady Cosmos Spitfire Lightning Jaguars
S4 Vikings Legends Chivas Force Vikings Legends Force
S1 Lady Cosmos Spitfire U10 Open Boys U10 Open Boys Lady United Chivas Ruckus
RDL Hurricanes Storm Ruckus Cyclones Hurricanes Storm
L3 Lady Cosmos Spitfire Jaguars

2018 Spring Practice Schedule

Monday Monday Tuesday Tuesday Wednesday Wednesday Thursday Thursday
6:00 PM 7:30 PM 6:00 PM 7:30 PM 6:00 PM 7:30 PM 6:00 PM 7:30 PM
L1 East Lady Cosmos Hurricanes Lady Cosmos Hurricanes
L1 West Lady United Lady Lightning Storm Ruckus Spitfire Storm Ruckus
S4 East Legends Legends
S4 West Vikings Vikings
L3 East Jaquars Cyclones Cyclones Jaquars
L3 West Spitfire Lady United Lady Lightning
S1 East U10 Open Boys U10 Open Boys
S1 West U10 Open Boys Force U10 Open Boys
S2 North Force
S2 South Lady Storm Lady Storm